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Most creators make achieving their goals harder for themselves. Save hours of work daily and maximize your true potential - We will use some OF Magic to make your dreams come true.

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We Are For You If You Want:

Do OnlyFans completely anonymously
Work less than 1 hour a day
Make over $5k+/month in less than 3 months
Create softcore photos/videos only (we never do porn)
Work from anywhere at any time
Being part of a team of professionals that is like a second family
Working with OFMAGIC is fantastic! My revenue has grown faster than I could imagine, and I can work while traveling through Europe this summer. I have never felt any pressure to post anything I didn’t want to. I told my family how much I am making, and they support me a lot.
I’m working 1-2 hours a day now, and my subscribers are growing much faster thanks to their promotion. My experience with them has always been amazing. There has never been a time when they pressured me to do anything I wasn’t comfortable with.
Letting OFMAGIC take care of everything and guide me through my OF journey was the best thing I did in a while. My revenue has nearly tripled in 3 months and my fans are more engaged than ever. Half a star missing just because I don't like putting on makeup every day 😅
Reviews were translated from different langauges.
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Live The Life Of Your Dreams

We will handle the promotion and engagement of your subscribers so you can focus on making content and enjoy your life to the fullest. One-hour work days will allow you to travel the world or do whatever you desire!

Find Your Potential

We will help you maximize your potential. 80% of OF revenue is generated by only 20% of its creators. We will analyze your pluses and minuses and determine where you excel to get you into the TOP 1% as soon as possible.

Achieve Your Goes Quickly

Our team of professional marketers, copywriters and content managers will take care of captions, call-to-actions, and direct messages to maximize your revenue. The OF industry is changing-rapidly, and we make sure to always stay up-to-date with the latest trends and opportunities for our models. 

Superb Communication

Our response times are blazing fast. You will always be up-to-date on everything that matters, and we will never hide anything from you. On the other hand, we expect you to do the same.



We will never ask you to share any content piece you aren’t comfortable sharing. Your peace of mind is crucial, and we will make sure you're safe not only physically but emotionally as well.

We will never ask you to share any content piece you aren’t comfortable sharing. Your peace of mind is crucial, and we will make sure you're safe not only physically but emotionally as well.

Keeping Secrets

Your privacy is our priority. Therefore, everything remains only between us. We will GEO block any countries you want, give you a different name and make sure you feel safe at all times. We will NEVER share any information about you with anyone.

Our Philosophy

At OFMAGIC we work with the best models in the industry to achieve amazing results. We strive to be a classy agency, which is why we avoid classic porn. We have taken care to eliminate the inefficiencies you find in most agencies and create a comfortable working environment.

What We Offer

OF Model Management

$5k+ per month in less than 3 months
Complete anonymity
24/7 Account managment 
1 hour workdays
Team of marketing professionals
Daily promotion on 10+ websites
Monthly audits, analysis and reports
Up-to-date with latest trends and changes in the space
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need professional photos or videos?

No, you don't need any professional content or equipment. All you need is a smartphone with a decent camera. You can create excellent content yourself, and we will teach you how to do it!

When should I expect to see the first results?

You can expect results within the first few days. These results depend on your diligence and willingness to put in more hours a day, at least for the first week. In our experience, 3 days is usually enough to reach the first $150-$300

What if I don't want anybody to find out?

We will put measures in place to make sure that you'll stay completely anonymous at all times. We will block connections from your country and make sure that nobody from your country can see you have an OF profile.
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General Inquiry Or Press

If you'd like to send us a general or press inquiry, don't hesitate and contact us via info@ofmagic.eu

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